As a shareholder, you want to focus on your investment. Our support gives you 20/20 vision.

We are pleased to announce the completion of our migration to a new software system, allowing our customers a state of the art on-line system.

Access your account

Shareholders accessing their accounts through ContinentalLink will need their Username and Password. If you have not yet enrolled in ContinentalLink, please contact us to acquire your Shareholder Number and Temporary Password.

Dividend reinvestment plans

Participants in dividend reinvestment plans can access their information here.

Get your questions answered

Our frequently asked questions may answer your immediate questions and clarify some of the more technical investment terms.

We also invite you to call us at 212.509.4000 so that we can assist you even more quickly and directly. Alternately, please feel free to be in touch by emailing us at or contact us.

How we support you

As part of our shareholder services, we offer you:

  • Immediate responses to phone inquiries and same-day responses to email inquiries by our NYC-based professionals
  • Secure 24/7 online access to your account via ContinentaLink, allowing you to:
    • Change your address and other identifying information
    • Review your holdings, payments and dividend reinvestment transactions
    • Download documents that will help you manage your holdings
  • Online access to important IRS and other forms and documents
  • Definitions of key terms and answers to frequently asked questions
  • Vote your proxy online