Your employees are a major investment. Our employee stock purchase plan services make it easy for them to
invest in you.

When you offer your employees an opportunity to invest in your business’s past and future successes through a stock purchase program, everyone wins.

We work with you to provide an exemplary employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) that is convenient and cost-effective, and that recognizes the important contributions of your employees by providing a stock purchase opportunity to them at a discounted rate.

Employee stock purchase plan fundamentals

We make it easy for you to offer a tailored ESPP that grows employee loyalty and enhances employee retention. A typical plan:

  • Allows your employees to purchase stock at the end of an offering period directly through us at a discounted rate of up to 15 percent
  • Requires participating employees at the beginning of the offering period to indicate a payroll-deduction amount during that period
  • Gives employees control to change the payroll deduction related to their ESPP during the offering period
  • Is tax efficient for employees; your company holds employee-purchased stock shares in employees’ names until they decide to sell, at which time they must consider tax implications

Customize an ESPP for you and your investor-employees

When you work with us, we help you create and deliver on a plan that is as unique as your business and employees, places little to no administrative burden on you and is run with unbeatable accuracy and responsiveness. Among other functions, we:

  • Audit pricing structures
  • Facilitate ESPP purchases
  • Manage new enrollments, changes, and withdrawals
  • Report on contributions deducted from payroll
  • Reconcile contributions
  • Process purchases and distributions
  • Order new issuances of shares
  • Track qualifying and disqualifying dispositions
  • Report on qualifying and disqualifying dispositions to your payroll office, reconciling to W-2s

Get your questions answered

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