Dividend Disbursement Services

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust (“Continental”) provides paying agent services for cash or stock dividends as part of its suite of services. The services include:

  • Regulatory compliance with The Depository Trust Company
  • FINRA filing – if required
  • Reporting and filing with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Year-end mailing of IRS Form 1099s
  • ACH payments
  • Reconciliation and replacement of funds
  • Escheatment

Continental, as a registered transfer agent, is regulated and audited by The Securities and Exchange Commission and the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Declaration and payment of dividends are regulated by the Exchange that the Issuer trades in and their By-laws.

An Issuer declaring a cash or stock dividend must provide Continental a Board Resolution and a Certified IRS Form W9 of the corporation so that it meets both regulatory requirements and contracted obligations. If you have any questions on this requirement, please contact your assigned account representative or admin@continentalstock.com.

Continental also acts as Paying Agent for other corporate actions that may be declared. There may be additional documentation required depending on the action. Please contact us for more information. Some of the other paying agent services we handle are:

  • Escrow distributions
  • Exchange Agent processing
  • Tender Agent payments and processing
  • Settlement payments
  • Liquidation payments
  • Redemption payments
  • Subscription processing
  • Proration allocations

Click on the links below for sample resolutions.

Dividend Resolution sample 1

Dividend Resolution sample 2