The success of your annual meeting depends on negotiating new requirements. We will guide you through that changing landscape.

Whether your company will hold its first annual meeting or its 50th this year, the meeting’s success depends on fulfilling a wide range of requirements, many of which may be different from last year.
We amend our “Annual Meeting Guide” every year so that you can plan and execute well, ensuring a successful experience for you and your shareholders. The guide provides you with:

    • Important updates for the new proxy season

“In the past, everything about the annual meeting was a mystery. With Continental, the entire team was available. I was assisted at every turn … I felt as if I had a small army working for me. Things went so smoothly I am almost looking forward to the next annual meeting.”

Sidney L. Neely, Chief Financial Officer, Isomet

  • Step-by-step instruction through the entire preparation, mailing and vote tabulation process
  • Important sample documents
  • A glossary of terms

We are also ready to assist you with every aspect of your annual meeting. Learn more about our full suite of annual meeting services.

Your Annual Meeting Guide


Stage 1: Preparation

Stage 2: Mailing

Stage 3: Vote Tabulation and Annual Meeting

Glossary of Terms

Download the Annual Meeting Guide

Enhanced Document Annual Meeting Guide

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